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Tools and equipment can be very expensive, but they are also essential for any workshop.

Even the best tools won’t help you if you don’t know how to use them properly or what to look out for when buying them. This is why I created Best Workshop. My goal is to provide the best reviews, buying advice and beginner guides so that you can have a functional, productive and affordable workshop!

I review all kinds of DIY tools & equipment including power drills, saws, jigsaws etc.. All of my content is written by experts in their field and will teach you everything from choosing the right tool for your needs to using it safely without causing damage or injury.

Whether you’re looking for a complete list of tools or just want advice on what we think would be great additions, I have something for everyone!

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Ben Adams

About me

Hi, my name is Ben Adams and I have created Bestworkshop.co.uk for people just like me!

I love creating, especially woodworking and have just started to learn woodturning too. Throughout my early adult life, when money was tight I always found the cheapest tool that I could find, as I could not afford to buy expensive pieces of kit.

My intention is to cover tools of different abilities and prices, provide recommendations based on actual experience and provide guidance on what to buy for those with a large or conservative budget.

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