What Scroll Saw Should I Buy? – 2024 Buyer’s Guide

what scroll saw to buy - buyers guide

If you’ve recently discovered just how many amazing projects you can make using a scroll saw, then you’re probably very excited to hit the sales and choose a tool that is right for you. The choice of scroll saws out there is dizzying so you may be left feeling a little overwhelmed, especially if this is going to be your first purchase like this.

But, we have got you covered. We have been looking at some of the best scroll saws on the market and have pitted them against each other to bring you a comprehensive guide on which is right for you. So, kick back and let’s begin.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Scroll Saw?

Before you can make a purchase, there are a few things that you will need to consider. While all scroll saws will have the same abilities, some may be better in certain areas than others. Depending on what you want to achieve, you’ll need to think about aspects such as the scroll saw blades, size and additional features.

Arm Type

One of the first things that you will need to look at when choosing a scroll saw is the type of saw you will need. In the main, you will have three choices:

  • A parallel arm scroll saw is the oldest design and can be dated back to the 1800s. It features two parallel arms to which the blade attaches and moves in an almost perfect up and down fashion.
  • The double parallel link arm is one of the more modern designs and while the two arms move laterally, this converts into an up and down movement for the blades.
  • A C-type arm is exactly what you might imagine, the arms in the shape of a C and the blade attaches at either end. These are considered to create a much more aggressive cut and unless they are manually switched off will continue running even when the blade breaks so may not be quite as safe.


Believe it or not, scroll saw blades come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Which you choose will largely depend on the type of project you are doing and the material you are working with. To begin with, you must look at the blade ends; there are two common types of scroll saw blades, pin end and plain end. However, most experts would agree that plain end blades are superior.

In terms of cutting abilities, you must look at the teeth pattern of the blade.

  • Standard tooth blades are used for wood and metal with the teeth being set further apart for the former. While these are versatile, they can be a little noisier than other types.
  • Skip tooth blades feature a similar design to the standard blade but have every other tooth missing.
  • For a smoother cut, a double tooth blade has an even wider gap than the skip tooth.
  • Reverse skip tooth blades have the bottom teeth pointing up and this is excellent for when you want to avoid tear out, especially with things like MDF.
  • Spiral blades have blades set in a spiral so that there is a cutting edge on every side. While these limit how often you have to turn the wood, they do tend to leave a much rougher cut.
  • Crown tooth blades are a much newer design and feature teeth shaped like crowns. They are particularly good for things like plexiglas but do be aware that they may cut a little slower.

Do I Need A Scroll Saw With Table?

A scroll saw can be mounted onto a table or a stand and while you can simply mount this at home, there are some saws that come with a table as well. If you’re in the market for something ready to use, this is a great idea.

Typically, a scroll saw table will be made from a lightweight metal such as aluminium. Not only is this lightweight but they are also very resistant and won’t rust. Alternatively, there are some scroll saw tables that are made from iron which is a heavier metal but also much more durable.

Safety Features

While scroll saws are relatively safe to use, when compared to bigger types of saw, there is still a danger of injury with any bladed tool. Most scroll saws will have some safety features to ensure that you are kept safe while using and these might include a guard or shield around the blade to keep the hands free from it or a dusting system to keep visibility at its best.

Furthermore, many people find that a foot pedal gives them greater control over the saw and prevents them from having to lose concentration when turning the saw on and off.

Other Important Features

There are a lot of things to think about when you purchase a scroll saw, while the aspects that we have already discussed are some of the most critical, you might also wish to think about the following:

  • The throat length refers to the distance between the back of the saw and the blade. Typically, this is at least 16 inches but this can vary from saw to saw. Anywhere up to 20 inches is suitable for DIY projects.
  • The weight of the scroll saw isn’t too much of a concern unless you intend to move it around a lot, in which case, you may want to look for a lightweight tool.
  • You should look at the speed of the scroll saw which is measured in SPM or strokes per minute. Some scroll saws have variable speeds which is ideal if you’ll be tackling lots of different types of project.

What Scroll Saw Should I Buy?

Now that you’re feeling confident that you know what to look for in a scroll saw, let’s take a look at some of the best products on the market right now. While each of you will have different needs, these three saws are our top picks that certainly deserve a second look.

Gxnimer 16” Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The Gxnimer is a handy scroll saw that is ideal for any experienced DIY enthusiast or someone who is just starting out. It comes packed with features that make it easy to use such as the quick blade change function and an anti-vibration LED work light for greater visibility. It also boasts a 45ºtilting head and an impressive cutting depth of one inch even at full tllt. The spin rate per minute can be adjusted between 400 – 1600spm  giving you a pretty decent range.

The scroll saw has a dedusting system that ensures your workspace is always free from debris which is important where safety is concerned. This safety is further enhanced through the use of a transparent screen to protect the hands.

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FERM Fret Saw

If you’re looking for something to replace an existing scroll saw then we would highly recommend this one. It is slightly more lightweight than the Gxnimer at around 10.5kg, so if you’ll be using this in varying locations, that can come in handy. What’s more, this one also comes with three blades that are versatile enough to tackle most hobby projects.

The FERM fretsaw is a scroll saw with a foot pedal meaning that operating the tool is so much simpler. That being said, this can be turned off if you prefer continuous sawing. It also benefits from a quick release lever for blade changes in seconds. If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands or don’t want to be fiddling around with complex swaps, then this feature is definitely a win.

Aside from the inclusion of the blades, this is very similar to the previous tool we looked at having the same SPM and similar safety features.

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WishY 120w Scroll Saw

The WishY scroll saw boasts a lot of impressive features but has a marginally less versatile range than the previous two saws between 550 – 1650SPM. But that certainly isn’t a downside. If anything, this tool is far superior since it comes with everything, and we mean everything you would need to start sawing.

For beginners, this is the obvious choice. It comes with a 100-piece accessory kit that includes a converter chuck, 10 blades, a hex wrench and so much more. If you want to get off on the right foot, give this a go.

The WishY scroll saw boasts just as much power as the other tools in the guide at 120 watts and runs on a very quiet motor. If you’re sawing away in the spare room or trying to stay quiet in the garden shed late at night, you won’t have too many issues with noise. This one also operates on a foot pedal so that your hands are kept free to work on the project.

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Buying a scroll saw is not an easy decision. There are a lot of products on the market and it is important to consider the features of each one before you commit to a purchase. Looking at things like the table, the blades, and the power of the saw will tell you everything you need to know in terms of whether the saw meets your needs.

What Scroll Saw Should I Buy? – 2024 Buyer’s Guide

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