Things To Make And Do With A Scroll Saw

Things to make and do with a scroll saw

A scroll saw provides DIY enthusiasts and hobby woodworkers with a way to conveniently and easily create intricate patterns and designs in wood that would be nigh-on impossible with other types of saws.

If you are just getting started, you may find yourself standing in front of your scroll saw, scratching your head and wondering where on earth you should start. You’re not alone, there was a time that even the most adept scroll saw users were in exactly the same position as you. Or perhaps, you have been using your scroll saw for some time and have simply run out of ideas. In any case, we have put together some great scroll saw project ideas that you can really get your teeth into.

What Is A Scroll Saw For?

If you have been using this type of equipment for some time then you will be able to scroll past this section and head straight to our scroll saw patterns. But for those of you who are just at the beginning of your scroll saw journey, it is first of all important to know what a scroll saw can and cannot do. While we will provide some basic information here, we have a more in depth beginners guide to the scroll saw with everything you will need to know to get started, here.

The scroll saw is a small saw that is typically attached to the top of a table or a special stand. It features a very narrow blade that can come in various sizes and patterns and is used for making much more detailed patterns in wood, metal, plastic and other materials.

Scroll saws, owing to their fine blades, are often used to produce much more accurate work and give small details to larger projects. They are particularly adept when it comes to cutting curves in the material and can also be used to make a dovetail joint.

Who Can Use A Scroll Saw?

Many people use a scroll saw for crafts and one of the main reasons that people start using these tools is to add intricate designs to their bigger projects. While larger saws are good for chopping wood and other materials, these finer bladed tools are ideal for people who need to cut on a much smaller scale.

If you want to show off your creativity in a unique and exciting way then a scroll saw might be able to help you with that. But what is great about this equipment is that it is ideal for beginners, even those who are quite young.

Now, while we would always advocate the safe use of any bladed tool, the scroll saw is an excellent option for teens and younger people looking to get into saw-based hobbies. This is because these tools, while bladed, are considered to be much safer owing to the fact that they move at a much slower speed, have smaller blades and contact between the blade and the users’ hands is limited. That being said, you should always exercise scroll saw safety and supervise young people when using the tool.

Scroll Saw Projects

There are literally thousands of projects you could start with your scroll saw and we certainly don’t have the capacity to list them all in one post. But we have picked out some of the best scroll saw projects that are easy and will give impressive results. Whether you want to create a piece to treasure yourself or make something as a gift, these ideas are a great place to start.

Create A Unique Photo Plaque

There are so many walls in your home and without decorative items, they can appear a little bland. But let’s face it, buying wall art, wallpapers, and hanging items can get a bit pricey. So why not create a photo plaque for your home that is unique to you? This is also a great option for giving as a gift as you can personalise it to the recipient.

You will need to start by obtaining a piece of wood in your chosen size. Typically, you will want enough space to make your cuts as well as room to hang the photographs.

Using your scroll saw, you can carve out any design you please in the centre of the wood. A great option, if you are giving this as a gift would be to cut out the name of the person; grandma, dad, sister etc. When you’re done, you can attach little wooden pegs around the edges which can be used to hold photos.

Make A Rainbow

If you’re keen to get the kids involved with your scroll saw projects then this one is ideal for younger people. Once finished, your rainbow plaque will make a colourful addition to your wall or can be used as a door hanger for a child’s bedroom.

You’ll need to use your scroll saw to cut out individual rainbow arcs of varying sizes and shapes out of a piece of wood. Rather than using the wood that you can cut into, you will use the pieces that fall out.

If you want a very childlike feel, you might try to freehand it and not concern yourself with wonky edges; it all adds to the charm. Once you have your pieces, lay them out on a larger piece of wood to create a rainbow.

Once the cut out pieces are glued onto the board, you and your child can paint them. If you want to go one step further, you could cut out the name of the child on the board and use it as a door plaque for their bedroom.

Plant Hanger

If you’re feeling especially crafty, you might try these intricate plant hangers. You will need to mark out the shapes for your plant hanger on a piece of wood to begin with. You can make these as intricate or as simple as you’d like, but you will need to create four identical pieces. To make it easier, you can cut out one piece and then use this as a template to create the next.

Once you have all four pieces, it is now time to fix them together. To do this, you are going to need to use some of your waste wood to create rectangular pegs, these will serve as a centre point at the top and bottom of the design where each piece will attach. It is important to make the bottom peg slightly larger as this will help you later down the line.

You are also going to need to add in a little pedestal for your plant which can be done by attaching a circular cut out to that longer bottom notch. When you’re done, you can treat or stain the wood as you see fit and attach a hook to the top which will allow you to attach some rope, cord or string for hanging.

For more details, follow the steps on the project maker’s website here, or watch the video below:

Scroll saw Christmas Tree Decorations

When it comes around to that time of year again, many of us pull out our box of Christmas decorations and sigh. Many of the commercially bought ones are flimsy and will need replacing from year to year, plus, they can be seen on almost every tree in the country.

What better reason to make your own Christmas ornaments using your scroll saw. Making them from wood will give them much greater longevity and you are free to create as many designs as you like.

There is the option to make a simple cut out and attach some string to hang it from the tree, or using the above method on a smaller scale, you can make some interesting 3D Christmas tree ornaments. These are also great to make as a gift, perhaps for ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ or to celebrate the first Christmas with a new partner.


A scroll saw is one of the most important tools for many hobby and craft lovers and it can do so much, despite being one of the smaller types of saw. While it is always important to operate a scroll saw safely, these are a great tool for beginners and can be used for hundreds of different projects where intricate work is required. If you’ve been feeling in a scroll saw slump and can’t seem to find inspiration for new projects, our ideas will give you the boost you need. Happy sawing!

Things To Make And Do With A Scroll Saw

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