What you can and cannot cut with a Circular Saw

Using a circular saw to cut timber

A circular saw is just that, a round saw which is commonly used to cut straight lines in a piece of wood. It is power operated and has a handle and a trigger. When using you push the saw forward away from you while pulling the trigger, and when you want it to stop, you release the trigger.

What you can and cannot cut with a Circular Saw.

Circular saws are a power tool that helps you to cut through material quite quickly and they can have a cord or be cordless and recharged.

They are popular as they cut very accurately, and you will require a workbench to operate your power tool from.

Always employ your Personal Protective equipment and use goggles to cover your eyes, and a mask, in case fragments fly off and hit you.

This should be standard procedure when doing any kind of work with a Circular Saw.

Will a Circular saw cut through Concrete?

To cut through concrete you will need a diamond blade, using a standard circular saw. it is hard work getting rid of concrete and as there will be plumes of dust, make sure that your mask and goggles are in place.

We are now much more aware of the problems caused by inhaling small particles, so make sure that your mask is of good quality.

You will probably be using a wet-cutting diamond blade ( either one with teeth or smooth). The water helps to cool the blade and to keep down the dust, and you will need a special type of circular saw that can be used to distribute water and be used safely.

You can certainly rent one for a one-off project.

Which Circular saw cuts through Wood?

If you are making a rip cut with the grain of the wood, rule a pencil line first and try to stick to it. A mitre cut is made diagonally across the grain of the wood.

A circular saw needs a cutting guide to make straight cuts. With a guide, cutting through wood is relatively easy.

You can use a cheap Circular saw like an Ozito, ( either cord or cordless).

Will a Circular saw cut through Nails?

Some Circular saws will cut through nails, this should be done on a vertical surface. Do not cut too quickly and make sure that you are wearing PPE (Personal Protective equipment).

With some cheaper Circular saws, if you hit a nail while sawing you may get some kickback.

Will a Circular saw cut through Asphalt?

Cutting through asphalt will require a diamond -tooth blade with a venting system. Set the blade depth of the saw to the thickness of the asphalt and try to make long straight cuts.

Before cutting the asphalt sweep any loose debris off it and always wear your PPE.

Circular saw for cutting Sleepers

You may need a rotary hacksaw cutting blade, or a diamond blade, often sleepers are a bit green and have been treated with toxic substances to keep pests out, so once again wear your PPE.

A Makita Sliding compound mitre saw is recommended especially for green sleepers.

Many people make a border of sleepers around their garden beds and it makes a contained garden bed for the earth.

Done properly this will look great. Never use treated pine for children’s cubby, treehouse, or vegetable garden as it contains toxic substances that are dangerous when ingested.

Circular Saw for Laminate Flooring

Most Laminate flooring no longer needs cutting, but fits together like a puzzle (tongue and groove).

This is now a simple process that can be completed in one day, however if you have to cut it, it can be cut with a Circular saw. Before you install it make sure that the surface is clean and smooth, if not an even surface, a foam should be installed first.

Always install the flooring parallel to the longest wall in the room. Always read the instructions before commencing. Use a finishing blade for the cleanest cut.

Circular Saw for Cutting Slabs

What you can and cannot cut with a Circular saw seems to be endless, as it has so many uses in your home. If you are making or finishing a patio you will need to cut your pavers.

This can be achieved with a simple Circular saw, but you will need to attach a diamond masonry blade which will cut through the paving stones.

Use the saw to cut along the line across the paver, moving the blade slowly across to the other side. There are a range of circular saws that will complete this project, and always wear PPE.

Can a Circular saw cut Metal?

A Circular saw is great for cutting metal, with the right blade attached to it. Use a Carbide-tooth blade, these are expensive but will last longer, in fact, 10 times longer than the normal blade.

Once again you will need to wear your PPE as cutting metal can cause shards to fly around. You will need a metal saw to cut metal, as it has a collection bin attached to prevent the metal chips from getting into the machine and ruining it.

Also, be aware that you will need different types of blades for different metals. These will vary depending on the thickness of the metal. You will require a higher tooth count for thinner metals. You may have to search a bit for the correct blade, but it can be found.


If you are going to buy a Circular saw it is better to get a big one, as it is such a useful power tool to have for nearly all your home renovations. Once you have the basic kit you can diversify by purchasing all the blades that you will require in order to carry out the projects mentioned above.

Many of the hardware stores are extremely helpful and are able to advise you on your best choice of blade for a project you may be undertaking.

Don’t forget the Personal Protective equipment!

What you can and cannot cut with a Circular Saw

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