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Ben Adams

Hi, my name is Ben Adams and I have created Bestworkshop.co.uk for people just like me!

I love creating, especially woodworking and have just started to learn woodturning too. Throughout my early adult life, when money was tight I always found the cheapest tool that I could find, as I could not afford to buy expensive pieces of kit.

Most of the tools and woodworking machinery that I bought were second hand as that was the only way that I could afford to buy them.

Well now that I am getting close to 50, the mortgage is a long way to getting paid off and my children have now grown up and moved out, so I have a bit more cash to be able to buy tools that I wished I could have bought when I was in my 20’s!

However, that is not to say that I have an unlimited budget. In fact, I am even more discerning than I have ever been and I always do a lot of research before buying anything new, especially tools.

Therefore, I thought I would share my hours of research and years of experience on this website to try to help and guide those in a similar situation to me, or those just starting out.

My intention is to cover tools of different abilities and prices, provide recommendations based on actual experience and provide guidance on what to buy for those with a large or conservative budget.

If you have any questions or comments about my website then please get in touch.

Start your journey today by reading my Beginners guides or our Buyers Guides.

Happy workshopping!

Ben Adams,

Website Editor

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