Table Saws

Table saws are usually the central point for most workshops. Typically due to their size and due to the material that they are used to cut, they need to be positioned with clearance at the point of in-feed and out-feed. They are a great addition to any good workshop and if you are serious about woodworking then they should be one of the first things on your shopping list to buy. Here you will see articles that should help with product selection and usage.
Latest articles and guides:

Is A Bandsaw Safer Than A Table Saw? How dangerous are they?

Is a bandsaw safer than a table saw? Bandsaws are the safer option but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use a table saw safely. There is, by design, a higher risk of injury from a table saw and since a bandsaw is just as diverse, a lot of new woodworkers opt for this safer […]

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