What Is The Best Table Saw To Buy in 2024?

What is the best table saw to buy

A table saw is widely accepted to be the most useful piece of cutting equipment that any workshop can have. These are diverse and effective tools that make light work of even the most challenging cutting tasks.

However, since they are so popular, you will find that your options are far from limited when it comes to selecting one to buy. Many people ask what is the best table saw to buy but in truth, this will largely depend on your needs, budget and various other factors.

In this article, we are going to be introducing you to some of the best table saws on the market and giving you all the information you will need to ensure you choose the right product for you.

The Best Table Saws

Whether you are just starting out in creating a workshop or have decided that it is time to upgrade your equipment, there are many table saws to consider. These are our top picks and depending on your budget, you might buy something basic that gets the job done or something much more high end.

The Best Budget Table Saw – Evolution Power Tools Fury F 5

One of the greatest things about this tool is its versatility. The manufacturer has used patented technology to create a cutting system that can handle a huge number of materials. Most obviously, you will be cutting wood but there is the option to cut various types of metal and plastic all with a single blade.

If you are looking for something effective and safe then this is definitely a tool worth considering. Even when cutting metal, no heat is produced so you are left with a surface that is ready to be finished and a beautiful cut. No heat, no sparks, no danger.

The table comes with a dust extraction function to keep the work area clear which is both safe and convenient. It is also equipped with an adjustable fence and the ability to cut materials up to 85mm.

The high-torque motor gives you incredible power and performance that will stand the test of time. If you’re at all concerned about buying a budget table saw, the 3-year warranty may be enough to sway your opinion.

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The Best Mid-Range Table Saw – Evolution Power Tools Rage 5 S

This is a table saw from the same manufacturer but that is a bit more powerful than our previous offering. It would ideally be suited to a more professional setting and delivers immaculate cutting with an impressive blade.

The blade is crafted from tough Japanese carbide-tipped tungsten making it incredibly durable and sharp.

The life of the blade is far greater than other models in this price range thanks to the improved motor which also gives you the ability to cut through various materials with ease. This motor turns at 2500rpm, this perfectly demonstrates the power.

You are getting up to 45º tilt for bevel cuts and 60º mitre cuts which makes the tool easy to use and incredibly versatile.

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The Best High-End Table Saw – Dewalt DWE 485 Compact Table Saw

If you’re in the market for something a little more high spec then this is a great choice. While it is more of an investment, you will be rewarded with several functions that are quite simply, a cut above the rest.

Dewalt is a reputable name in the power tool industry and it is little wonder when you see the quality and performance of tools like this.

The 1850w motor delivers a powerful force that will make light work of various materials and with a maximum cutting depth of 65mm, you are free to work with almost anything. The table has a variety of angles up to 45º, giving you the opportunity to work a variety of cut types.

The fence can be adjusted for rip cuts but what we find most impressive is the build quality of this table saw. It is crafted from only the best materials and the cast aluminium bed will give you a rigid and secure working surface.

Operation is simple and there are several safety features such as the no-volt release and an option to connect to a vacuum to remove dust particles.

While this would make the perfect addition to a workshop, this is also ideal for those who need something for when they are on the road. The compact and lightweight design means that transporting and storing the table saw is a breeze. Dewalt has left nothing out.

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What Should I Look For When Buying A Table Saw?

As we have seen, you can get a decent table saw even if you are on a budget. Cost is one of the first things you should consider, but don’t just go for the most expensive table saw you can find and assume that means it is going to be excellent. Oftentimes, you will purchase a pricey bit of kit only to find that it is far too advanced for your needs. With that in mind, many people want to know:

What is the best table saw for beginners?

There are two main things that you should keep in mind when looking at buying your first table saw. Primarily, you want something that is easy to use. All table saws will come with instruction manuals but this needs to be clear and the operation needs to be even clearer.

Since this has the potential to cause some significant damage when not used correctly, you should look at something less expensive.

In the main, the more high-end you go, the more likely it is that the table saw will have a lot of add-ons that a beginner might find complicated. You can always invest in something like this once you’ve got to grips with the basics.

Secondly, you should consider how well the table saw handles. The last thing anyone wants is a saw that jerks and wobbles every time it is switched on.

If you imagine learning to use a table saw in the same way you imagine learning to drive a car. You would always opt for something reliable and secure and the same goes for your table saw. Try to avoid saws that make it difficult to cut; this will serve two purposes and neither are good. It will either put you off using the saw or cause an injury.

Types Of Table Saw

You will want to consider where you plan to use the table saw. If you are going to be installing it in a workshop permanently, then you may be better opting for a static table saw. These are typically much larger and some even come with storage underneath.

Conversely, if you are going to be using the saw in different locations, you should look for a portable or compact table saw. These are lightweight and easy to move from one place to another. They are particularly good for contractors.

Table Saw Blades

The blade is the most important component of your table saw and you will need to ensure that it is up for the challenge.

When purchasing your table saw, you will notice that details about the number of teeth the blade has are given. The number of teeth may demonstrate the type of material you can cut through and it is good to have a variety of blades. However, some are multi-purpose.

Rip Fence

The rip fence is a panel which sits parallel to the material being cut and it is important that this is secure and unmoving. However, many of these rip fences will have the option to adjust which makes the machine much more versatile.

You should also look at the rip capacity. As a general rule, you will need this to be at least 24 inches but there are larger options including 28, 30 and 50 inches.


The safe use of cutting equipment like table saws is imperative. You should look for something that has as many safety features as possible.

Dust extraction will prevent you from breathing in potentially harmful particles and an emergency off switch will ensure that you can cut the power immediately, should you ever need to.

You should also ensure that the table saw comes with a riving knife, or at the very least, an option to install one. This hooked piece of equipment will prevent kickback which is the leading form of table saw injury.


Tables saws are diverse, dynamic and powerful cutting tools that every woodworker needs in their workshop. However, there are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing one.

For those that are new to using this type of equipment, it may be better to go for a simpler table saw and upgrade to something high-spec later down the line.

Whatever you are looking for, this selection of the best table saws gives you everything from budget to top of the range and they’re all incredibly powerful and precise!

What Is The Best Table Saw To Buy in 2024?

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