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Circular Saw cutting through timber

A circular saw can be used in cutting different types of materials. You can use it in wood, plastic, masonry, and even metal. It can be handheld or mounted to a machine to make it easier to work with.

It’s convenient to have, especially if you like working from your home workshop. You can use it for your DIY projects, and it’s a significant investment to have.

The blade of the circular saw is designed to make rip cuts, cross cuts, or even a combination of them. It can be powered by electric or by a gasoline engine, depending on what you prefer to have. Some people attach them to other machinery to save from the need to have another energy source for heavy equipment.

Features to look for:

Circular Saw with Guide Rail

Getting a circular saw should depend on what you need for your workshop most of the time. The circular saw with a guide rail is best for getting precise straight cuts.

It can be used at 90 degrees to 45 degrees. You can get more accurate consecutive cuts from the guide rail. It will be a great choice if you usually need to have your materials clean and straight.

This type of circular saw can also prevent fragments so that you can avoid ruining a suitable material. You can achieve a clean and accurate cut over and over, which will provide you with the right material for your DIY projects.

Clamps will no longer be needed if you use a circular saw with a guide rail since it has an adhesive strip to hold the material in place.

Circular Saw with Laser

Circular saw with laser is also available for those projects that needed to have an extended straight cut. The laser can make it quicker but more accurate so that it will still end up having great results even if the material is much bigger than usual. It can penetrate deeper into wood or other thick materials that will make it look nice and neat cut.

The circular saw with a laser is also suitable for deep cutting. If you’re planning to do projects with thicker materials, it’s best to use this type of equipment. Not only will it make cutting even and clean, but it can also make it easier and much quicker than using without the laser. It’s the right choice for cutting more challenging types of materials without making a mess.

Circular Saw With Track

When it comes to using a circular saw with the track, it’s one of the best types of a circular saw to have. It can act as a track saw without having to worry about having to spend so much. A track saw is more expensive than a circular saw, which may not be ideal if you’re planning to use it for home DIY projects.

A circular saw with the track can make cutting a straight line easier. You don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting the material in different directions. The track attached to the circular saw can guide you to have a clean and straight cut even if it’s longer than usual. Plus, you can have it set up on a table, so you don’t have a hard time cutting the materials.

Circular Saw with Battery

Circular saw runs using electricity or gasoline. However, some are battery operated. It will make the circular saw more portable so that you no longer need to worry about the cords. That will avoid having to hit the cables accidentally, which can damage the power of the circular saw.

If you decide to buy a circular saw with a battery, it can be used after charging it. It can help you to cut the materials that you need without having to worry about the cables. It’s best for projects that you have to make and not having to worry about where to find a power outlet. It’s a good option for those who want to have a portable circular saw that you could use anywhere.

Circular Saw with Battery and Charger

It’s best to find a circular saw with a battery and charger included. That way, you can charge the battery anytime you want. Usually, the circular saw can be bought separately from the battery and charger. But purchasing a complete package can save you money compared to buying them individually.

Many stores offer a complete package already. It will help you to save time and money since you will need them in the future anyway. It’s best to buy everything at once, not to have to worry about using it. Once you purchase it, you can already start using it for your DIY projects right away.

Mains Powered Versus Battery Powered

Mains powered means that the circular saw is plugged in a socket. It gives it power so that you can use it continuously. This type of circular saw is typically used for industrial workshops. However, you can still go for it if you want to have robust equipment for your workshop.

A battery-powered circular saw, on the other hand, is more portable. It can be used without the need to plug it in since it can be charged. It’s smaller than the mains powered circular saw, and it can be ideal for DIYers and even professionals. It’s easier to operate since it’s cordless, and it will avoid cutting cables while using it accidentally.

Which Cordless Circular Saw is Best – Circular Saw Amazon

1. Top of the Range- Makita DHS680 Circular Saw

Which Makita Circular Saw is Best? If you’re planning to go for the top of the range circular saw, you can go for this model.

The Makita DHS680 is a cordless and portable type of circular saw. An 18V Lithium battery powers it, and you can automatically adjust the cutting speed.

It’s a great choice since it also comes with an electronic current limiter. It will ensure that you can use it without worrying about overloading.

That means that it can provide maximum performance all the time. It comes with a brushless motor, which lasts longer than a circular saw with the brush. It only takes 22 minutes to charge, and you can use it even for the entire day.

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2. Best Mid-Range – Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw

It’s the best mid-range circular saw that you could have. The Bosch GKS 190 is a handheld circular saw.

It’s very portable, so you can create your DIY projects easily without having to need too much space for this equipment. It’s a flexible tool that you can use for your projects at home or even if you’re already a professional.

Cut rapidly because of the 1400W motor without any lag. That means that you can do your DIY projects in no time. The ergonomic design of this circular saw makes it easier to handle to be comfortable while using it.

You don’t have to worry about its stability since you can use it without the need to attach it to another machine. It’s good to use and have a wide range of applications for wood and other types of materials.

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3. Best Budget – Evolution Power Tools F165CCSL Circular Saw

If you’re on a budget, Evolution Power Tools have great circulars aw for you. It can be used with multiple materials such as Japanese tungsten carbide tipped, blade made of steel, and aluminium.

It can also be used for wood with nails, plastic, and other materials you usually use for your DIY projects. It will save you money without compromising the quality.

This circular saw has a robust 1200W gearbox and blade system. You can use it with different types of materials without any issues.

It’s effortless to use and get usIt’sto so that you can make your projects better and easier. You can also have a 3-year warranty on blades if you purchase it from the UK. Get an instant clean finish and no sparks while cutting steels.

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Comparison of Cordless Circular Saw:

  1. Makita DHS680 Circular Saw

Price: £149.00


  • Automatic speed control
  • Electric brake
  • Electronic current limiter for overload protection
  • Blower function to clear wood dust from cutting line
  • Large base for more stable operation
  1. Bosch GKS 190 Circular Saw



  • 190 mm saw blade diameter
  • High cutting depth (70 mm) and inclination (56�)
  • Comes with1400 W motor output and no-load speed: 5500 min-1
  • Compact and ergonomic design.
  • Not compatible with guide rails.
  1. Evolution Power Tools F165CCSL Circular Saw

Price: £61.01


  • Multi-material
  • 1200 W optimized gearbox and blade system.
  • Increases motor and blade life to cut through a variety of materials with ease.
  • Precision cutting with adjustable 0-53 mm depth of cut, 0 degrees – 45 degrees bevel, channeled air blower, and integrated vacuum port.
  • Instantly workable finish
  • F165-TCT blade and 3-year limited warranty


When it comes to buying the circular saw, it’s best to find the one that can provide the features that you need. It’s also essential that it can get it based on your budget. Just make sure to invest in the best one, so you can use it for your DIY projects for a long time.

Which Circular Saw To Buy UK

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