Mitre Saw 2024 Buyers Guide UK

Mitre Saw Buyers Guide

A mitre saw is one of the most favoured woodworking tools in the world and no workshop would be complete without one. They are powerful, diverse and efficient and many people often wonder how they ever got by without one.

However, if you have never purchased this type of equipment before, it can feel a little overwhelming, owing to the fact that there are so many products on the market.

In this article, we will be providing you with all the knowledge you will need to feel confident in purchasing your first mitre saw as well as showing you some of our top picks.

What Is A Mitre Saw?

A mitre saw is a power tool used for making various types of cut. It features a spinning blade that is brought to the wood unlike some other types of saw which rely on the user bringing the wood to the saw.

These are incredibly diverse pieces of equipment and can be used to make a variety of different cuts including cross cuts, bevels and of course, mitre cuts. They are extremely accurate and efficient tools and, once you have the relevant knowledge, they are quite easy to use.

One of the first things you will need to think about when purchasing a mitre saw is the type you want. While a mitre saw is in a category of its own, there are further subcategories of the mitre saw that are suited to different uses.

To begin with, you need to think about the type of power that you will choose. Mitre saws can either be corded or cordless. The corded models tend to have a little more power and are great if you are going to be using them in one place where there is a reliable PowerPoint.

Conversely, a cordless mitre saw is excellent for those on the go. However, they tend not to have quite as much power as their corded counterparts.

Which Mitre Saw Should I Buy?

As we have mentioned, there are several different types of mitre saw and how you intend to use the tool will impact your decision. One thing that all mitre saws have in common is that they sit on a swivelling table and this function allows the user to make cuts at varying angles.

But one of the most common problems we hear from new mitre saw users is that they don’t know which model to go for. If you have ever asked yourself, what is a compound mitre saw or what does a sliding mitre saw do, then you’re in the right place.

A standard mitre saw will give you the ability to make the three main types of cuts that these tools are designed for. But if you need something a little more complex, you might go for one of the following mitre saws.

  • A sliding mitre saw has the addition of rails which allow the blade to slide from front to back over the wood. This is ideal for people who need to make deeper cuts but not such a good option if you are looking for a more portable design as they tend to be much bulkier.
  • Compound mitre saws are used for making mitre cuts as well as bevel cuts. This makes them a little more diverse than the standard models. They are better used with wood over other materials and you will find that most modern mitre saws have this setup.
  • Compound sliding mitre saws are extremely diverse in that they feature the abilities of both the compound and sliding versions. If you need something that will allow you to tackle various jobs, this is a good option.
  • The dual-compound sliding mitre saw is the most versatile of the lot. These allow you to bevel in both directions as well as make mitre cuts and have sliding rails. These are typically ideal for people who may need something on a more professional scale but since they are more costly may not be a good investment if you aren’t going to use all of the functions.

Our Top Picks

Now that you are familiar with the different types of mitre saws, we wanted to introduce you to some of what we believe to be the best mitre saws currently on the market. Whether you are looking for an affordable mitre saw or something a little more high-end, there are several to choose from.

Best Budget Mitre Saw – Evolution Power Tool R210CMS Compound Mitre Saw

This is a corded compound mitre saw that boasts a blade with 20 teeth. This blade is suitable for cutting various types of material including wood and metal, making this an incredibly diverse tool.

It has a compact design so it won’t take up too much space on the workbench but is hefty enough to manage a decent number of projects.

It has a cutting angle of 45º and the precision of each cut is second to none. For a budget-friendly tool, you might not expect to see this degree of accuracy and we have to say, we were impressed.

It features a 1200w motor that is designed for optimal performance and durability. If you were at all uncertain about this, you might be pleased to know that the saw comes with a three-year warranty.

Check the latest price of the Evolution Power Tool R210CMS Compound Mitre Saw

Best Mid-Range Mitre Saw – VonHaus Sliding Mitre Saw

VonHaus is renowned for its top quality tools and this sliding mitre saw is a perfect example of this quality. With a 1500w motor, you are getting an excellent degree of power and this translates into precise and controlled performance.

The saw is designed for use with a variety of woods, including various hardwoods and also works very well with plastics.

It comes with a dust bag which makes it much cleaner and safer for the user. The saw has a 45º – -45º cutting angle giving you the opportunity to make precise angled cuts.

The VonHaus saw is durable, well-built and comes with a two-year warranty.

Check the latest price of the VonHaus Sliding Mitre Saw

Best Top Of The Range Mitre Saw – Evolution Power Tools R255MS+ Compound Saw

If you are looking for something a little more high end then this compound mitre saw might be right up your street. It is capable of working with various materials thanks to the robust Japanese tungsten carbide tipped blade that will make light work of even the most demanding projects.

It has a 50º cutting angle and sliding rails that fully support all types of cut. It boasts laser cutting guidance to give some of the most accurate abilities in the world of powered cutting tools.

With a 1600w motor that is designed for maximum longevity for both the motor and the blade as well as a three-year warranty, this is a tool that will serve you for a long time.

Check the latest price of the Evolution Power Tools R255MS+ Compound Saw

Things To Consider When Buying A Mitre Saw

One of the most important things when considering buying this type of equipment is how to choose a mitre saw. It wouldn’t pay to simply go for the first product you stumble upon; there are some things that you must keep in mind.


Take a look at the power, whether this is corded or battery. You will need to look at the battery life and how long it takes to charge which is particularly important if you don’t have time to waste. You will find that many brands offer power share batteries so it can be useful if you tend to stick with the same brand.

Furthermore, you should look at the motor as this is what will power the tool and should always be reliable and durable. Newer models may have brushless motors which tend to last longer and feature a cooling system.

Typically, a corded mitre saw will have a motor that turns up to 5000rpm; of course, the higher the rpm, the more powerful the motor.


Without the blades, the mitre saw would serve no purpose and for this reason, you need to make sure that the blade is robust, adept at cutting and the correct size.

As a rule of thumb, the more teeth that a blade has, the higher speeds it will reach. However, you will find that they start to get more expensive, the more teeth they have.

You will typically find blades with up to 100 teeth but you should choose something that matches your needs. Furthermore, you will need to ensure that the size of the blade matches the size of the saw you are using.

Multi-material blades are particularly useful since they give you more versatility.

Mitre Scale

The mitre scale is one of the most important parts of this type of equipment, after all, this saw was named after the type of cut that it is designed to do.

You should look at the angles which can range from 45 – 90º and the types of cuts you need to make will determine how you need to set the scale.

However, you should also consider whether the stops on the mitre scale can be locked into place. The ability to do this means that things are much more secure and convenient when you are making the cut.

Table Size

The working area of your mitre saw should be sufficient enough for the type of projects you will be tackling. While it is possible to find mitre saws with a decent table size, some woodworkers prefer to make their own stand.


A mitre saw allows you to make angled cuts with ease and there are several different versions of this tool. Choosing the right one will be based on the type of work you intend to do as well as several other factors including the blade and the motor.

There are some very affordable mitre saws that give an impressive performance but also those that are a little more top of the range if you want to splash out and get some additional features and a generally better piece of equipment.

Mitre Saw 2024 Buyers Guide UK

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