Best Cordless Drill Under £100

Best Cordless Drill Under £100

In the modern workshop, cordless tools are a must. They offer convenience and many of the newer models are just as powerful as their corded counterparts. A cordless drill is a must for any DIY enthusiast or professional craftsperson. But choosing the right one can often mean spending a small fortune; that doesn’t always need to be the case.

There is a great selection of affordable cordless drills under £100 that offer just as impressive a performance as some of the more expensive models. The key is to educate yourself on what to look for.

Why Cordless Drills Are So Handy For The Home And Workshop

If you’ve ever used a corded electric drill then you will be familiar with the frustration of having to stay close to the power outlet. This is all well and good when you’re working solely on a bench but when you need that freedom of movement and extension cords get involved, things can get a little disorganised.

With a cordless drill, you don’t ever have this worry. You are free to move around your workspace without limitation. Not to mention that there is no longer a tripping hazard from all of those pesky wires!

Some of the older cordless drills were quite heavy owing to the addition of the battery but many newer models are now extremely lightweight and easy to handle. What’s more, they have all of the same features as a corded drill so you can use them in exactly the same way.

Many of the projects you will undertake in your home or at the workshop will require you to have excellent control and this is often difficult when using a corded drill since the wire gets in the way. However, with a cordless drill, you have much greater control and precision so your projects will have a much better finish. What’s not to love!

What To Look For In A Cordless Drill

When it comes to purchasing a cordless drill, it’s no good hitting ‘buy now’ on the first product you see. While it might look as though it has everything you need for the experience, not all tools are made equal. We have written a more comprehensive guide on choosing a cordless drill but let’s take a brief recap.

Variable Speed

Many cordless drills have variable speed and this allows you to use the drill for different applications. Higher speeds are typically used for drilling whereas lower speeds are better for screwing. The best cordless drills have a wide range between the top and bottom speeds.

Clutch Settings

You should ensure that the cordless drill you choose has a decent selection of clutch settings as this will better allow you to control the depth that you drive screws.


Finding a drill that feels comfortable to handle is important especially if you will be getting a lot of use out of the tool. You should look for things like a soft grip and controls that are easy to reach. This is very true of the forward/reverse switch which you should comfortably be able to reach with your index finger.


The drill voltage tells you how powerful it is and there is a huge variation in what you might buy. For the most part, a cordless drill will be between 18v and 20v, however, there are much more powerful 48v drills and those that are ideal for much smaller projects around 12v.


Most drills run on a single lithium ion battery and it’s essential to choose one that comes equipped with this (more on that later.) But you might also opt for a drill that comes with two batteries as this will prevent you from having to wait while your battery charges.


As well as the number of batteries that the drill comes with, it’s also worth considering if there are any other accessories included. Some drills will come with a selection of bits while some do not. If you’re looking for a portable cordless drill then it’s a good idea to choose one that comes with a carry bag or case. This also offers protection when the drill is in storage.

Purchasing a Drill Kit

One of the biggest mistakes that anyone can make when purchasing a cordless drill is to buy the bare tool. This means that you do not get the battery or charger so you will need to fork out for this separately and the cost is usually higher.

Plenty of manufacturers sell their cordless drills with everything included that you’ll need to get started. So do make sure that you keep an eye out for what’s in the box!

The only time that we would suggest buying the bare tool would be if you already have an ample supply of batteries for the tool. A lot of manufacturers produce tools that can power share batteries and if you’re loyal to a particular brand, you may already have a decent collection. Of course, you will need to make sure that the drill you are buying is compatible with the batteries you currently own. This is usually determined by voltage, so check this before making a decision.

Our Top Picks For Cordless Drills

We’ve been shopping around for some of the best cordless drills on the market today and we were very pleased with what we found. While there were several that really impressed us, the following certainly stood out from the rest.

Best Overall – Dewalt 18v Cordless Drill

If you’re looking for a cordless drill that has the best of everything then you’ll be hard pushed to find anything quite as good as this one. It comes with everything you need to get started including an 18v lithium-ion battery, carry case and charger. Ideal for people working on the go.

Being a combi drill, this is one of the most versatile on the market allowing you to perform a multitude of tasks including drilling, screwing and making holes. What’s more, since Dewalt is such a well known and reliable brand, you won’t need to worry about performance. This manufacturer is also known for producing robust, high-quality equipment that will stand the test of time so this is a good choice for people with more intense needs.

The drill battery can be charged in as little as an hour so you won’t have to wait around in between uses.


  • Comes with battery and charger
  • Charges in just one hour
  • Multi-functional
  • Excellent build quality
  • Lightweight (3.48kg)


  • Doesn’t include drill bits

Best Mid-Range Cordless Drill – Ryobi R18PD3 18v Combi Drill

For hobbyists who don’t want to fork out quite as much but still want a decent cordless drill, Ryobi offers us this nifty little number. It’s ideal for DIY projects and comes with two 1.5Ah batteries that will give you a respectable running time that’s perfect for home use.

Where precision is concerned, you’ll always be on the money thanks to the 24 torque settings allowing you to adjust the drill perfectly to the task at hand. What’s more, the drill is compatible with a wide range of bits up to 13mm further demonstrating its versatile uses.

Coming with a two-year warranty, you can feel confident in the quality of this drill. But then, Ryobi is a brand known for its dedication to producing excellent tools. What’s more, the battery is compatible with a selection of other 18v Ryobi tools which is great if you’re a fan of the brand.


  • Power share batteries
  • Lightweight (2.85kg)
  • Versatile torque settings
  • Great drill bit compatibility
  • LED light


  • Doesn’t come with a carry case

Best Budget Cordless Drill – Distianert Cordless Drill Driver

Buying a cordless drill doesn’t have to come with an eye-watering price. There are plenty out there that fall well below our £100 budget and still perform like a dream. This one from Distianert comes with a whopping 80 piece accessory kit which is super impressive considering the low cost.

What’s more, this cordless drill features 18 torque settings allowing you to use it for a variety of applications as well as an LED light for greater visibility and a soft grip for user comfort. It seems that nothing has been left out.

The drill comes with two batteries so you always have a spare one; no more waiting between uses. But even when both are drained, the included fast charger will have you up and running again in no time.


  • Impressive accessory selection
  • Two batteries and charger included
  • LED light
  • Very user-friendly
  • Variable speed


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs


A cordless drill is an invaluable piece of equipment for anyone working on DIY projects or in a commercial workshop. These tools offer freedom of movement, ease of use and significant power and settings to produce immaculate work.

Best Cordless Drill Under £100

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