How To Regrip Golf Clubs With An Air Compressor

How To Regrip Golf Clubs With An Air Compressor

For most golfers, using grip tape and solvent is the only way they’ve ever known to regrip their clubs. But this can be a very tedious task and something that most people will put off until they absolutely have to do it.

While you could take your clubs to a golf shop to have them regripped, this comes at a cost and since you’ll already be spending a small fortune on your hobby, it’s important to save where you can.

But if you have an air compressor then you’re in luck because you can use this for the job. If you’ve been wondering how to regrip golf clubs with an air compressor, you’re in the right place.

The air compressor is used to help slide the grip onto the club. To do this, you will need to have a vice to hold it in place while you work.

 If you’ve never done this method before, you might worry that it’s complicated but the opposite is true. Let’s take a look at how to regrip your golf clubs using an air compressor and why regripping is so important.

Why Do I Need To Regrip My Golf Clubs?

Would it surprise you if we said that bad grips can affect your performance? While a lot of people think about things like the actual club, stance and technique, they fail to keep in mind that the grip is the only thing that comes between you and your club. If it isn’t in good nick, your performance won’t be as good.

The reason for this is that as your grip wears, it loses its, well… grip and as a result of this, it becomes slippery which makes it more difficult for you to hold.

Sometimes, you may find that you hold the club more tightly because of the slipperiness but this will also affect how you hit the ball. It’s these little intricacies that set the best golfers apart from those that don’t properly maintain their equipment.

Why Use An Air Compressor To Regrip Golf Clubs

If you have an air compressor, is there any harm in trying out this method for regripping your golf clubs? We’re pretty confident that you’ll find it far more preferable than whatever you were doing before but let us explain why.

Regripping is something that most golfers hate doing because it’s messy, it’s awkward and it’s hugely time-consuming. But when you use an air compressor, things suddenly become a lot easier. There’s far less mess for starters and you’ll notice how much faster the process takes.

How To Regrip Golf Clubs With An Air Compressor

Before we start with our easy step by step instructions on regripping with an air compressor, it’s important that you are familiar with how to get the best out of your tool.

Do keep in mind that, if you have never used this method before, you may have to go through some trial and error but it doesn’t take much. For this reason, might we suggest practising with old clubs and grips before working on your favourite driver?

One of the most important things to make sure of is that the PSI is set just right. This will vary between air compressors but generally speaking, going for about 45 PSI will serve you pretty well.

  • Start by putting your club into a vice and ensuring that it is secure.
  • Remove the old grip. This can be done by cutting and peeling or you might choose to use your air compressor for this (tips on how to do this are detailed below.)
  • You’ll now need to decide whether you are going to add new tape, leave the old tape in place or not use any at all.
  • Take the grip and spread the opening, applying it onto the club by about ¼ inch.
  • Locate the grip hole and insert the tip of your air compressor nozzle into it.
  • You will need to shoot the air in very short bursts, perhaps only a second at a time. As you do this, you will see that the grip slides onto the shaft with ease.

Do I Still Need Grip Tape?

This is very much up for debate. There are some golfers who say that using an air compressor secures the grip without the need for tape. Others still prefer this reinforcement.

It’s down to how you feel, but do keep in mind that with the addition of tape, your grip will be far less likely to slip or move around.

You’ll also need to think about whether you are simply going to apply new tape over what’s already there or remove the old tape and apply new.

It might feel like an extra job but at some point or another, you’ll have to remove it. Some people reuse the old tape if it’s still sticky enough but this isn’t always feasible.

Removing Grips With An Air Compressor

Your air compressor is, as you probably know, a very versatile piece of equipment. So, before you install a new grip, you will have to remove the old one and your air compressor will come in handy for this too.

Similarly to when you installed the grip, you’ll need to use quick bursts of air to get the grip off. Aim these into the grip hole and it won’t take long before the entire thing comes off.

Although you will need to manually pull at it to get it fully off so don’t expect your air compressor to do everything for you. That said, this is far quicker and easier than other methods.


Regripping your golf clubs is probably the bane of your life but it needs to be done nonetheless.

To make the job easier, you could use an air compressor. We’ve covered how to regrip golf clubs with an air compressor so you should now feel confident in doing this, even if it might require a small amount of practice.

How To Regrip Golf Clubs With An Air Compressor

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