Can I Use A Circular Saw To Cut Tree Branches?

Can I Use A Circular Saw To Cut Tree Branches

If you’ve got a woodworking workshop then a circular saw might have been one of the first tools you purchased. Many would consider the circular saw to be one of the most versatile when it comes to cutting but much like anything else, they’re not made to tackle every cutting task.

If you need to cut tree branches, you may have been asking yourself can I use a circular saw to cut tree branches? While they are versatile, it may surprise you to learn that they’re not always the best option.

You could, in theory, use a circular saw to cut through a tree branch. However, it’s not advisable. These saws are designed for cutting 2x’s and plywood and the blades are not suitable for cutting into tree branches. Even if you could make an effective cut, it wouldn’t be safe to do so.

There are other tools you can use for cutting tree branches that will do a more efficient and less dangerous job. It’s always important to choose the right equipment for the job.

Can You Use A Circular Saw For Cutting Logs?

You might not be able to use your circular saw for cutting tree branches off the main structure but when it comes to cutting logs into smaller pieces, this tool really excels. It’s great if you’re making firewood and will work quickly without you having to overexert yourself.

In fact, the circular saw is so good at making logs that many commercial companies now opt for this over the chainsaw. The problem with using a chainsaw for this application is that it tends to wear much more quickly and won’t produce results as quickly as a circular saw.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this is still dangerous work. For this reason, we would advise ensuring a level cutting surface when making logs.

Can You Use A Circular Saw To Remove Tree Stumps?

Getting a tree stump out of the ground can be incredibly difficult work and you’ll certainly need the right equipment if you’re going to do it right. However, that is not a circular saw. To remove the tree stump, you’ll need something with a digging action and your circular saw simply doesn’t provide you with this.

A reciprocating saw is a great choice when it comes to cutting tree stumps. However, for larger stumps, this may not be possible and in the worst cases, you’ll likely have to call in the professionals.

What Saw Should I Use For Cutting Branches?

While you can’t safely use your circular saw for cutting tree branches, there are a whole host of other types of saws that will be up for the challenge.

The Bow Saw

When it comes to cutting logs and branches, there is nothing quite as effective as the bow saw. This is a manual tool so it will require some effort from the user and this means that you may only want to use it for smaller projects.

These saws are ideal for medium-sized branches and will cut on both the push and pull, demonstrating their practicality. The only time that you may find that a bow saw isn’t the best tool for the job is when you’re working in a tight space, their large size can make this difficult.

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The Pole Saw

A pole saw is similar to a pruning saw and they come in a variety of power options including petrol, electric and manual. The saw is on a long pole which is great when you’re trying to cut hard to reach branches, however, this can limit your control over the tool to a degree.

The Crosscut Saw

If you’ve ever watched a historical TV show or movie then you may have seen a two-man crosscut saw in operation. However, these days, there are one-man crosscut saws that are much more common.

They’re great for big logs and are designed to cut across the grain. You may also have seen these manual saws being used to fell trees although this is much less common in this day and age.

The Pruning Saw

A pruning saw has a small curved blade and is designed, as the name suggests, for pruning trees. They aren’t designed to cut large branches and are more of a tree maintenance tool than anything else. But their small size does make them easier to use in tight spaces.

The Chainsaw

Most people are familiar with the chainsaw and while they look like pretty scary tools, they’re actually very effective for cutting tree branches. They can be either battery, electric or petrol powered and feature a set of teeth on a rotating chain.

The great thing about chainsaws is how quickly they will cut through a variety of wood types. They’re also excellent because they are so easy to use and will make light work of even more demanding jobs. As with all powered saws, however, you will need to have strict safety measures in place.


If you’re working in the garden and need to tame your trees then it’s essential to make sure that you have the right rolls. If you’ve been scratching your head and thinking can I use a circular saw to cut tree branches then wonder no more.

Circular saws are versatile and very efficient for many cutting tasks but working with tree branches is not one of them. There are many other tools that are much better for the job including the chainsaw and the crosscut saw.

Can I Use A Circular Saw To Cut Tree Branches?

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